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October 22, 2016

Pwmd version 3.1.0-beta1 released

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This is a beta version so users can test it out and submit patches for any (major) bug fixes, features and any other changes before the final 3.1.0 release. The major change in this release is the use of GpgME for all crypto operations and the removal of “literal” elements. When a “target” attribute is encounted for an element in an element path, the target is always followed. See NEWS for more changes in this release.

Download it here.


QPwmc 0.4.0 released

Filed under: projects, qpwmc — bjk @ 7:07 pm

This version contains many changes to work with pwmd 3.1.0-beta1 and libpwmd 8.0.0 as well as a new Save dialog and other interface cleanups and rearrangements. Lots of stuff.

Download it here.

Libpwmd 8.0.0 released

Filed under: libpwmd, projects — bjk @ 7:03 pm

This version requires pwmd version 3.1.0-beta1 or later. Read the NEWS to see whats changed.

Download it here.

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