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January 27, 2013

QPwmc XML forms and libpwmd patch updates

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I’ve updated the libpwmd patches for QTM, Psi, and Isync. These make use of new QPwmc application forms. The forms are XML files that define widgets and input fields and associate those widgets with the Pwmd elements to be created. They are then distributed with the application and installed.

The forms can be both loaded in a PwmdDialog or from the QPwmc command line:
qpwmc -t form.xml
A collection of forms are stored in a directory. By default they are stored in /usr/local/share/qpwmc. Here are a couple of screenshots of the Fetchmail form. The one with the element tree is loaded from a PwmdDialog as the socket is already connected and has a filename open.

Soon I will post the updated Fetchmail patch. My fetchmail git repo is a little too messy right now. The QPwmc repo does include the Fetchmail form as an example, though; long with a couple others.

Update: the fetchmail patch has been uploaded and applies against fetchmail 6.3.24.


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