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June 24, 2012

Exim 4.80 patch (second attempt)

Filed under: libpwmd, patches — bjk @ 5:45 pm

This second revision should fix the “pwmd_socket_args” option. Download it from here.

Updated QPwmc screenshots

Filed under: libpwmd, qpwmc — bjk @ 9:10 am

I’ve updated the screenshots of the QPwmc libpwmd client. Since the last update TLS settings have been added as well as other miscellaneous features and fixes.

June 20, 2012

Exim 4.80 libpwmd7 patch

Filed under: libpwmd, patches — bjk @ 10:22 pm

The Exim SMTP server libpwmd patch has been updated to patch Exim 4.80. The latest version of Exim is better at configuring lookup methods and can use pkg-config to simplify compilation and linking. You can download it here.

June 5, 2012

PWMD 2.22 released

Filed under: bugs, pwmd — bjk @ 7:15 pm

This version fixes a stupid bug that caused an invalid pointer to be freed when the content of an element with a target attribute was set. Download it here.

June 3, 2012

Xbmc+libpwmd Youtube patch

Filed under: libpwmd, patches — bjk @ 12:36 pm

There is a plugin in Xbmc that allows for watching Youtube from within Xbmc. The plugin is really neat and can show your favorites and more that are associated with your Youtube account.

I’ve created a patch for this plugin, which is written in Python, to retrieve authentication details from pwmd. Since Youtube can use a Google account as a login, this may make pwmd’s “target” attribute feature come in handy. You can download the patch here.

Python makes it easy to call external library functions on demand. The patch loads and does the required function calls as if written in C. No special language binding changes are needed.


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