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October 17, 2015

Pwmd version 3.0.18 released

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This version contains mostly fixes backported from the development branch of pwmd. Here’s the NEWS for this release:

The "tcp_require_key" configuration parameter will no longer clear the cache
entry for a data file. It will only try to decrypt it.

Do an fsync(2) on the data file directory after a SAVE as recommended by the
manual page.

Only show regular files in the LS command and also be sure the OPEN'd file
is a regular one.

Disallow a new line character in an attribute value to prevent ATTR LIST

TLS-1.0 is now disabled by default.

Fixed handling of invalid group names in an ACL. They are ignored rather than
returning an error.

When using gpg-agent and the agent cached key has expired, return
GPG_ERR_KEY_EXPIRED rather than GPG_ERR_NO_DATA. This can make it easier to
determine why you are asked for a passphrase by reviewing a pwmd log. Note
that the "max-cache-ttl" gpg-agent configuration parameter also affects the
cache state for a data file.

A few minor bug fixes. See ChangeLog for details.

Download it here.


October 6, 2015

QPwmc save dialog

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Here’s a screenshot of the “Extended Save” dialog. The same dialog is shown for new files with the exception that the Symmetric checkbox is enabled and selectable (can’t change encryption schemes for existing data files). These latest features require the development version of pwmd and libpwmd located in their git repositories.

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