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March 18, 2012

qtm libpwmd patch updated

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This revision uses the Pwmd::PwmdInquireData class for server inquires. This class also handles passphrase retrieval when needed. You can download it here.

pwmd 2.21 released

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This version fixes a nasty crash on startup for most folks. It also contains protocol command bug fixes backported from the pwmd development branch..

March 10, 2012

PWMD 2.x passphrase salt

Filed under: bugs, pwmd — bjk @ 3:47 pm

Passphrase salting has been added to the 2.x branch of the pwmd. This makes dictionary attacks on the data file alot harder to do. The master branch already has this feature because it is built into gpg-agent.

March 3, 2012

PWMD 2.x fix

Filed under: bugs, pwmd — bjk @ 8:42 pm

The v2.x branch of the pwmd git repository contains a fix that probably affects most (any?) users. For some reason I forgot to call pth_init(), which you may have noticed, prevented pwmd from starting up or other nasty things. I recently upgraded my hardware and only discovered the bug today. Soon I will make another 2.x release which will probably be the final 2.x version before 3.0.

If your a new user of pwmd, you may be better off using the development version from the git repository since this version is alot faster (native POSIX threads) and has more features. It would be nice to have testers of the development version too so things like the pth_init() bug don’t get looked over.


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