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September 29, 2014

Pwmd and OpenPGP

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Starting work on implementing OpenPGP support in pwmd via libgpgme. It looks like its going to be easier than what I thought.

September 27, 2014

QPwmc version 0.3.0 released

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This version parses the LIST permission flag introduced in pwmd 3.0.10, adds background color configuration for the element tree items, reconnects to the remote host after any socket arguments have been changed and fixes a few bugs.

Download it here.

Libpwmd version 7.2.0 released

Filed under: libpwmd, projects — bjk @ 10:07 pm

This version requires that TLS fingerprint hashes be in SHA-256 format rather than SHA-1. It also adds pwmd_tls_error() to get the error code of a failed gnutls function and fixes a few of bugs.

Download it here.

Pwmd version 3.0.10 released

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This version fixes a few (important) usability bugs and adds the “GETINFO USER” command.

Download it here.

September 21, 2014

Pwmd version 3.0.9 released

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This version fixes a couple bugs with ACL’s and requires that a permission check is done before modifying a “target” attribute. It also fixes a SAVE bug when inquiring key parameters for new files.

Download it here.

September 20, 2014

Pwmd version 3.0.8 released

Filed under: projects, pwmd — bjk @ 4:23 pm

This version adds support for per-element ACL’s which means you can now limit which clients have access to which elements. This feature also adds a couple of configuration parameters and requires that TLS fingerprint hashes are prefixed with a #. A recursion loop in the LIST command was fixed along with a few other changes and bug fixes.

Please read the NEWS file for more information about this release. It is also recommended to read the pwmd manual for details about the Access Control feature.

Download it here.


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