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May 31, 2010

PWMD 2.16

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Portability fix for systems without SO_PEERCRED. A new attribute “_mtime” is updated each time an element is modified.

May 28, 2010

New fetchmail 6.3.17 patch

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Minor fix for the older 6.3.14 patch to apply against this release of fetchmail. I’ve created a merge request to the fetchmail project at gitorious but according to the author(s) it will have to wait until version 7.

May 23, 2010

Uget libpwmd patch merged upstream!

Filed under: libpwmd, patches — bjk @ 8:32 pm

The next release of Uget will contain pwmd support for proxies since the libpwmd patch has been merged upstream. This is the first project that I know of to include pwmd support! The Uget SVN repository should be used rather than relying on previous patches.

May 22, 2010

libpwmd work

Filed under: libpwmd — bjk @ 2:12 pm

Started picking up libpwmd again to try and fix SSH problems. It’s frustrating for me because of my unreliable connection; real remote hosts don’t act the same as a localnet or loopback connection. Hopefully the problems can be fixed without having to change remote access protocols.

Try this:
dd if=/dev/urandom bs=1024 count=128 | openssl base64 > data
mkfifo fifo
cat data > fifo &
echo -ne ‘store blah\t’ | pwmc –host=hostname -i identity -k knownhosts –user=username –inquire-fd=3 -S filename 3<fifo

Try with different count sizes. Then, if it actually succeeds, do:
echo -ne ‘get blah’ | pwmc –host=hostname -i identity -k knownhosts –user=username filename >result
md5sum data result

For me, when the STORE succeeds the sums don’t match. When it fails I get a segfault having to do with memory corruption or a problem with EAGAIN.

You can get the latest changes from the GIT repository. If you want to help feel free to send me patches.

Update: commit 32ea9f7 fixes this.


May 16, 2010

PWMD 2.15

Filed under: projects, pwmd — bjk @ 4:45 pm

This version fixes the RC_ON_LOCKED and LOCK_ON_OPEN options when a client opens another file using the same connection.

May 14, 2010

Uget svn301 libpwmd patch

Filed under: libpwmd, patches — bjk @ 8:37 pm

Proxy got fixed so now I can upload to Sourceforge again. This patch adds pwmd support to the proxy configuration of Uget. Get it here.

May 8, 2010

Uget and pwmd support

Filed under: libpwmd, patches — bjk @ 7:05 pm

I have pwmd support working for proxy servers but I can’t upload the new patch since my (proxy) IP address is blacklisted from SourceForge for some reason. I’ll probably have to wait until later in the week during business hours before I can get an email reply.

May 4, 2010

pwmdEdit 0.1

Filed under: projects, pwmdEdit, site — bjk @ 9:33 pm

The first public release of pwmdEdit is available. This is a Qt4 based pwmd client using libpwmd. It has most everything you need to edit a pwmd data file. Download it here. After downloading unpack the tarball and do:

qmake; make; ./pwmdEdit

Make sure the pwmd server is running though. Read the README file included in the archive for more details.

May 1, 2010

PWMD 2.14

Filed under: projects, pwmd — bjk @ 6:49 pm

This version fixes a security issue with the key_file configuration parameter. Make notice of any log file warnings that tell of a byte position after upgrading to this version. The byte position is where the key data will be truncated to. It is the location of either a newline or null byte character and is the real length of your key data which will not match the key file size. Read the pwmd(1) manual page or NEWS for more information.

WP time settings fixed

Filed under: site — bjk @ 3:28 pm

Fixed blog post time stamps. Both a problem with client and settings. Unrelated to the CMOS battery problem. Coincidence? Perhaps…

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