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April 30, 2010

New QTM patch

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This updated patch has proxy support and can optionally get it’s configuration through pwmd. It also includes a better Accounts dialog and two new Preferences tabs: Network and Pwmd. It includes previous enhancements like port specification, SSL encryption and Account configuration from pwmd. You can find it here.


April 27, 2010


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Working on a patch for the download manager Uget to add pwmd support and some features that I liked from the now defunct d4x. It uses the Gtk+ toolkit so it might take me a little while to learn it.

Update: theres an Offline-mode patch available here.

April 25, 2010

PWMD 2.13

Filed under: projects, pwmd — bjk @ 2:55 pm

This version fixes a segfault in the MOVE command and also lets this command overwrite a parent of the same tree. Fixed a segfault in the COPY command. Fixed an invalid free in do_assuan_command() and also fixed returning an error when no keepalive was set.

April 11, 2010

New Psi patch

Filed under: libpwmd, patches, projects — bjk @ 5:47 pm

Changes how the elements are stored and accessed. Requires pwmd 2.12. Also includes an updated PwmdDialog.

XChat 0.8 patch

Filed under: libpwmd, patches, projects — bjk @ 5:36 pm

Requires pwmd 2.12 but removes the available characters in a username limitation.

April 10, 2010

PWMD 2.12

Filed under: projects, pwmd — bjk @ 9:15 pm

Reworked how elements in the document are accessed. Now commonly used characters (like @) can be used in element names. This breaks data file compatibility with previous versions but your data file will be converted automatically. Be sure to back it up first. Added the MOVE command. Added client option RC_ON_LOCKED to return an error code rather than a status message when the file mutex is locked. Bugfix when creating an element path that had the same name as the parent element.

April 1, 2010

PWMD 2.11

Filed under: projects, pwmd — bjk @ 6:45 pm

This version fixes a bug in the COPY command that would prevent sibling elements of the source element from being copied. It also fixes a free’d pointer reference in the COPY command.

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