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July 26, 2013

Pwmd version 3.0.4 released

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This version fixes a few bugs affecting the “target” attribute and updates the Debian package files. Download it here.

July 20, 2013

Pidgin 3.0.0-dev libpwmd patch

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This revised Pidgin instant messenger patch makes use of the new Keyring API by adding a pwmd plugin. There are other plugins too, such as Gnome Keyring, KWallet and Secret Service. Just goto the Pidgin preferences and select the “Password Storage” tab to choose pwmd support after installation.

The element path that the plugin uses is based on the libpurple protocol ID minus the “prpl-” prefix, and username for the account IM protocol. For example, the Jabber protocol ID is prpl-jabber and the required element path is:


The “root” element is optional and is configured in the preferences along with the data filename, socket and socket arguments.

Note that Pidgin 3.0 hasn’t been released and is still in development. Also note that saving and importing or exporting passphrases to and from pwmd is not implemented. Only retrieving a passphrase is implemented.

Download the patch here.


July 13, 2013

QPwmc version 0.2.0 released

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This version adds Pwmd::passwd() which adds support for an empty passphrase for non-PKI data files. It also shows command line usage and requires pwmd 3.0.3 or later and libpwmd 7.1.0 or later. Download it here.

Libpwmd version 7.1.0 released

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This version adds pwmd_passwd() to change the passphrase for a data file and pwmd_getopt() to retrieve the value of a pwmd_option_t. It also adds the pwmc “.passwd” dot command. Download it here.

Pwmd version 3.0.3 released

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This version contains a few bugfixes and plugs a few memory leaks. It also allowes “tls_access” to work with the CLEARCACHE and CACHETIMEOUT commands. Download it here.

July 6, 2013

CBoard version 0.7.0 released

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This version adds UTF-8 chess pieces and a spanish translation along with big and mega board sizes, the ability to rotate the board and the hilighting of opponent pieces that can attack the square under the cursor. Download it here.

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