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October 17, 2015

Pwmd version 3.0.18 released

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This version contains mostly fixes backported from the development branch of pwmd. Here’s the NEWS for this release:

The "tcp_require_key" configuration parameter will no longer clear the cache
entry for a data file. It will only try to decrypt it.

Do an fsync(2) on the data file directory after a SAVE as recommended by the
manual page.

Only show regular files in the LS command and also be sure the OPEN'd file
is a regular one.

Disallow a new line character in an attribute value to prevent ATTR LIST

TLS-1.0 is now disabled by default.

Fixed handling of invalid group names in an ACL. They are ignored rather than
returning an error.

When using gpg-agent and the agent cached key has expired, return
GPG_ERR_KEY_EXPIRED rather than GPG_ERR_NO_DATA. This can make it easier to
determine why you are asked for a passphrase by reviewing a pwmd log. Note
that the "max-cache-ttl" gpg-agent configuration parameter also affects the
cache state for a data file.

A few minor bug fixes. See ChangeLog for details.

Download it here.


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