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May 22, 2010

libpwmd work

Filed under: libpwmd — bjk @ 2:12 pm

Started picking up libpwmd again to try and fix SSH problems. It’s frustrating for me because of my unreliable connection; real remote hosts don’t act the same as a localnet or loopback connection. Hopefully the problems can be fixed without having to change remote access protocols.

Try this:
dd if=/dev/urandom bs=1024 count=128 | openssl base64 > data
mkfifo fifo
cat data > fifo &
echo -ne ‘store blah\t’ | pwmc –host=hostname -i identity -k knownhosts –user=username –inquire-fd=3 -S filename 3<fifo

Try with different count sizes. Then, if it actually succeeds, do:
echo -ne ‘get blah’ | pwmc –host=hostname -i identity -k knownhosts –user=username filename >result
md5sum data result

For me, when the STORE succeeds the sums don’t match. When it fails I get a segfault having to do with memory corruption or a problem with EAGAIN.

You can get the latest changes from the GIT repository. If you want to help feel free to send me patches.

Update: commit 32ea9f7 fixes this.


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